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2019 F.C.A. Election Headquarters

William Bowman, Election Committee Chair  email: elections@floridachess.org

There are six candidates for five positions in this election cycle. (Note this correction from what was posted in the magazine.)

All Candidates have submitted a Candidate Information and Campaign Statement form. Read what incumbents have accomplished, what each candidate promises to do if elected. Learn about their chess biography and the skills they possess that could be of benefit to the F.C.A. Be an informed voter. 

Click on the name of each candidate to see their full bio:

Stephen Lampkin (NE, Incumbent)

Bryan Tillis (S, Incumbent)

Kevin Pryor (NE, Incumbent)

George Foote (NE, Incumbent)

Matthew Kolcz (S, Incumbent)

Tim Staley (NW, New)

The instructions for this election are:

Vote by “Election Buddy”

Voting members with an email address on file will receive an email containing a link to a web-based ballot.

Simply select your choices and click “Vote!”. You are done!

If you did not receive a ballot and believe you should have, contact Mr. Alan Wagner, FCA Election Master at:


NOTE: Your ballot is due at the Election Master’s office by August 23rd.

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