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2018 Denker Florida State Championship

  • 31 Aug 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • 3 Sep 2018
  • 5:00 PM
  • Jacksonville Marriot

Jacksonville Marriott, 4670 Salisbury Rd., Jacksonville FL 32256 Phone:  904-296-2222. 6SS G/120;d5. $11,000 b/170 70% Guaranteed. 6 Sections: Open: $1,500-800-375-200, U/2200 $500-250-125 U/2000: $800-400-200-125, U/1900 $100 U/1800: $800-400-200-125, U1700 $100 U/1600: $800-400-200-125, U/1500 $100 U/1400: $600-300-200-125, U/1300 $100 U/1200: $400-200-125, U/1000 $100, U/800 $75 Trophies to top Florida resident in each section. USCF and FCA membership required can renew onsite. Unrated players may enter any section (must be under age 16 for U/1200 section) but limited to $100 prize unless in open. Entry Fee: $99 prior to 7/21 U/1200 EF $70 (U/1200 count as ½ entry) all entry fees $10 higher after 7/21 and $20 higher after 8/21; reentry $50 prior to RD 3. Free entry to GM, WGM, IM, WIM ($99 deducted from any prize won).  Online entry at www.events4chess.com  or mail to C.H.E.S.S. 821 Upland Dr. Port Orange, FL 32127. Rounds:1-2 Sat 1 & 6pm, 3-4 Sun 1 & 6pm, 5-6 Mon 9am & 2pm. ½-point bye available for any round must commit prior to RD 3 pairing.  Registration ends at 12:15 pm on Saturday, late entries will get ½-point bye in RD 1.  Hotel Rate: $109 Free parking, Free internet No resort fee 1-800-962-9786 reserve prior to Aug 17 to guarantee rate. All players welcome and eligible for prize money, trophies are for Florida residents. 

Side Events: Florida Quick Chess Championship: Friday 8/31/18, 7pm, G/15;d3 5-SS EF $25 prizes based on entries. Blitz Championship: Saturday 9/1/2018, 9 am, G/5;d0 4 RD double Swiss EF $25 prizes based on entries. Scholastic Tournament: Sunday 9/2/2018, 5SS, G/30;d5 Rds 10/11:30/1:30/2:45/4:00 Trophies to top finishers. FCA Annual Meeting:Sunday 5:30pm Board of directors meeting Sunday 10am. No computers. For more information, contact Steve Lampkin 386-682-9527 orchessinschools@aol.comor chesssteve@gmail.com

2020 Florida State Scholastic Championship

The tournament will be taking place at the Wyndham Hotel in Orlando from March 6-8.

Click here for the flyer.

The special hotel rate may be closing at any time as the number of rooms remaining in the block is limited. Call the hotel between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 407-351-2420. HOTEL LINK
The special group rate for the hotel is $137 per night, which includes free parking and WiFi. These are normally included in the resort fee, which has been waived under the special group rate. The number of rooms in the block is limited so book your room as soon as possible.

The State Scholastic Championship has stipends for the Nationals. It is also the qualifier for the Denker & Barber invitational tournaments (each of these events has a $5,000.00 scholarship good for any university or college and a qualifying spot in the World Youth Championships). 


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