Florida Chess Association  

Supporting Florida Chess since 1939

2021-2022 FCA BOARD OF DIRECTORS (region) [term till], email

President Kevin J. Pryor (NW) [2023] Gainesville, FL 

Vice President Bryan Tillis (S) [2023] West Palm Beach, FL 

Secretary Anthony Cipollina (NE) [2023] Daytona Beach, FL 

Treasurer Timothy Staley (C) [2023] Ocala, FL 

Regional Vice Presidents (5)

Northeast Ray Ratliff (NE) [2023] Jacksonville, FL 

Northwest Daaim Shabazz (NW) [2023] Tallahassee, FL 

West Timotey Gospodinov (W) [2022] St. Petersburg, FL 

Central OPEN

South Jon Haskel (S) [2022] Boca Raton, FL 

Directors at Large (4)

Mike Moschos (C) [2022] The Villages, FL 

Harvey Lerman (C) [2022] Altamonte Springs, FL 

George Foote (NE) [2022] Jacksonville, FL

Krista Alton (W) [2022] Tampa, FL

Re-election numbers

2022= (7), 2023 = (6), repeating pattern going forward

Regional Distribution CAP=(4)

S(2), NE(3), NW(2), W(2), C(3)

Florida Chess Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  14260 W. Newberry Road, P.O. Box 236 Newberry, FL, 32669-2765

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